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First steps into blogging

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Well, everyone says that to have a successful web presence you need to blog. So here I am, been sitting here with a blank entry wondering how to start and what to write about.

Just spoilt for choice really and wondering what you would like to know. If you have anything you would like to know about me or my glass do let me know and leave a comment.

So what have I been doing today.....well this morning I was working in the studio trying some new techniques out using mica. Boy does that stuff go everywhere! The mica I'm using is very similar to the very fine powder that adds sparkle to make-up. You only have to breathe and it blows around.

I have been mixing it with a medium and spreading it on a non-stick sheet and drying it off in the kiln. It then peels off in one thin sheet which I have cut into pieces. These I have then put between two pieces of glass and they are now in the kiln.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow when I can see how they turn out.

This afternoon I have had a wonderful walk on Dartmoor in the lovely winter sunshine, glorious.

Well that wasn't too hard, I'll go now before you are bored, see you soon.


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