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Greenhouse glass

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As I look out of my studio doors I see, stacked to the side of our driveway, several panes of old greenhouse glass.








They have been there for the last two years so I thought it was about time I did something with them.

Not all glass is the same and does not behave the same when heated so I did some research (asked Facebook friends!) and set to. As you can see from the photos it is not the cleanest glass on the planet......large glass panes are not the easiest to handle (lots of sticking plasters!). 

Anyway after experimenting with different kiln schedules I have managed to make some reasonable pieces. Lots more trying to go though as still not quite satisfied with the quality, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

I love the fact that this glass would have otherwised been dumped, so here I am re-cycling. These are some of the more successful bits and bobs. I also collected the driftwood sometime ago at Westwood Ho!

Trees on driftwood

    Three fish on driftwood

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